About Us

It was the year 1995. In Noida, there was a lack of transparency in the pre-production work done by fashion designers and export houses. The final quality of the work was also less than impressive.

There wasn’t a dearth of design talent. But why wasn’t it translating into superlative designs? We were a bit surprised.

We researched, discussed and found that the industry does not have access to contemporary machines. This lack of exposure was possibly holding back the immensely talented artisans in Noida.


How did 3D Concepts crack the design code for the industry?

We bought modern machines that can assist designers and ensure that the local products are at par with international standards. For a while, we trained our industry professionals using Rhinoceros and other softwares for jewelry design.

Then, we took the plunge serving export houses and fashion designers with our laser engraving, shoe digitization and leather work services.

We knew that quality plays a key role in the industry. Colors and the final design output need to be precise.


From our inception, we were committed not just to provide designers with expensive machines (a tedious mechanical process). But support the designers in transforming their designs into epic masterpieces with our company’s in-house team (a big win for the industry).

There was a careful scrutiny in hiring every team member. And we have trained our employees to the level of visualizing colour scheming and the final output by just looking at the digital version of designs.

For the past 20 years, we have been happy to serve customers across Delhi NCR and the nation.


How we brought rapid prototyping into our product mix and why you should trust us with it?

We were veterans of the industry. But have continuously adopted and acquainted new relevant technologies to meet international standards. Afterall that was our foundation for starting 3D Concepts.

When we saw a huge potential in the 3D printing technology wave, we became eager to join the cause. We thought that 3D designs could transform the product design industry upside down.

So we invested in rapid prototyping infrastructure and prepared a dedicated team for handling its projects.

Obviously, expertise in handling machines and visualizing designs is necessary across all production processes. But more so in the expensive rapid prototyping technology. Because a minor mistake in the procedure can be a real expensive deal.

Save your lakh rupees loss by trusting our skilled operators. They have a detailed knowledge of the various process possibilities. And can help you choose the optimal process for giving you the best output at least cost.

You can explore our rapid prototyping services here.


Why trust us for meeting tight fashion show like deadlines?

You have invested more than a couple of months to design an outfit. You consolidated many days of creative team exploration into a masterpiece. Then, you toiled on choosing the most suitable fabric for the design. So many hours of manwork was put so that your darling dress shines on the stage.

Obviously, you are keen to launch it at a show. The hard part is over and you want to revel during the show. But the stress theatre isn’t over. Now, you’re itchy about choosing a company.

Even a minor fault in design will destroy your outfit. And possibly your show (or event). Shizzz.

Which company can hit a homerun for you?

Look no further.

Since 1995, meeting our customer expectations has been a priority for us. We go beyond email communications and spend time with you (over a cup of coffee?) to understand your thought process.

For us, it’s more than downloading a digital attachment from email and sending it for production.

We know how creative fellas like you need space to experiment. So we are open to sampling n number of times.

Yes, you get to do a trial and error of all your designs physically. Then, pick your favorite one.

Our expert team will guide you step-by-step to modify your design as per your output expectations.  We make sure the full potential of our machines is used.

We dedicate our resources and man-hours to make sure that you get a product you not just like, you love.

Since we meet tight deadlines met with a superlative production, you are guaranteed a grand show.


Why 3D Concepts delivers excellent results every single time? (Hint: It has got to do with the team)

A wealth of experience, a dash of flair, a splash of customer love, add modern technology machineries, and you get us.

While we have scaled to 100+ employees, we have been careful to choose talented staff that value the company philosophy and have trained them adequately.

Though our whole infrastructure and services are dependent on machines, the employees have been the most important resource for the company.

We proud ourselves in having a proficient team. Our designers have previously worked with export houses and our engineers have an ample amount of industry experience.

You can trust us to have a wonderful experience and an excellent quality product from us on every occasion.


Our seal of trust

Rapid prototyping design templates should not be obtainable before your product launch. Similarly, print and laser designs are the highlight of a show. Moreover, eminent fashion designs have an abundant shelf life.

With us, you get a high-confidentiality non-disclosure agreement. Forget your competitors. We will not reveal designs beyond our executive dealing directly with you.

We appreciate the many days of toiling you have done to prepare your final design file. It might be just another digital file for other product manufacturers. But we take special care to safeguard such sensitive material.


What’s next?

There are exciting times ahead. During 2014-2019, India’s 3D printing market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20%. And the digital textile printing sector has been forecasted a 29% annual growth.

As we told you, when we started many artisans weren’t aware of the modern technologies used globally in the industry. Even to date, many designers across NCR (and pan India) aren’t aware of rapid prototyping and other contemporary technology.

Seasoned professionals don’t know that their designs can be translated into physical objects. We remain committed to take the rapid prototyping and other techniques and technologies to the masses.

All this as we continue our spree in the digital printing and laser artistry landscape.

In all, we aim to fulfill all your printing and rapid prototyping needs under one roof.

The thing we care about the most though will remain the same. It is you – our patrons. Your expectations will remain a priority.

It has been a pleasure to serve our customers. And we hope our story of penetrating the industry inspires you to go for your big dreams. All the best!