Rapid Prototyping

Mukesh is an entrepreneur based out of Ghaziabad, Delhi. In his lunch break at work, an innovative product idea strikes his mind. Exploring the possibilities, he feels that the product can disrupt his industry. His enthusiasm to bring this idea to life shoots up.

There is one problem though:

He doesn’t have the resources to execute the product’s development.

But, Mukesh doesn’t lose heart. He networks, tries to meet industry experts and presents his design to possible investors. Every pitch he makes is lauded. But when data is demanded to support his assumptions, an eerie silence prevails in the room.

Mukesh’s design is so radical that no one is ready to take the leap with him.

Now, he starts doubting himself. Why cannot people visualize the final product, its intent and purpose like him? He ponders on the methods to validate his assumptions.

Can you relate to Mukesh’s story?

We hear you. And we have got 2 words for you – rapid prototyping.

If you are a hardware product designer, a product development company, architect, or engineer, than we can help you visualize and test your designs three-dimensionally using rapid prototyping. You can bring your product to life quicker and more efficiently than you think.

At 3D concepts, we specialize in printing 3D physical models direct from your CAD model. Our high-quality prototypes will help you simulate the significant aspects of your final product. You can present the prototype to potential product users and get feedback (data).

Think of the amount of money, time and effort you will save by eliminating design flaws and redundant features early in your product lifecycle. Not to mention, the enhancement in quality of your final design at reduced risk.

Now that you are convinced that rapid prototyping can solve your design complications, let us have a look at the technical specifications of our offerings:

PolyJet Technology – If you want a thorough and detailed physical plastic prototype with smooth surface, then PolyJet is a good fit. Our prototypes are built on the Objet Eden 260 RP Machine. The Eden 260 allows parts to be built to the precision of 258 x 250 X 205 mm.

Depending on your prototyping requirements, you can choose from various materials including full cure, Vero Blue and Vero white.

Finishing and Coloring – We ensure that the smallest of your mechanical components like screw threads are included in the prototype. This ensures a model comparable to the final manufactured item.

Get in touch with us at market@3dconceptsindia.com to get a rapid prototyping quote from us now.